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61 Pa.C.S. § 6138 addresses violations of the terms of one’s state parole:

A state parolee under the jurisdiction of the parole board who is released from a correctional facility and, during the period of parole, commits a crime that is punishable by imprisonment, for which the parolee is convicted or found guilty by a judge or jury or to which the parolee pleads guilty or nolo contendere at any time thereafter, may at the discretion of the board be recommitted as a parole violator. If the parolee’s recommitment is ordered, the parolee shall be reentered to serve the remainder of the term which the parolee would have been compelled to serve had the parole not been granted and shall be given no credit for the time at liberty on parole. However, the board may, in its discretion, re-parole whenever the best interests of the inmate justify or require the inmate’s release on parole and it does not appear that the interests of the Commonwealth will be injured.

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