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As we’ve been telling you, a veteran Philadelphia police officer has gotten his job back after being seen on this viral video punching a woman last September. We are now joined by Enrique Latoison, the attorney for the victim Ida Guzman. First of all, were you expecting this outcome less than a year after that incident?

Unfortunately, we were after the arbitration, we actually did expect. Ida was informed by me and about how the process worked and we didn’t believe that he was going to be reinstated. Still, it was still shocking, even though we thought that he would get this job back, it’s still shocking when you actually hear that he did get his job back. This is not exactly how we expected the process to play out from the very beginning, when you watch that video to what has taken place today.

How is your client feeling about this outcome?

I mean, she’s very upset, and she’s embarrassed. I mean, she’s often approached by the people in the community and say you’re the lady that got punched in the face by the Philadelphia cop and he got away with it. And, somehow people can’t make the connection that Ms. Guzman has done everything that’s been asked of her. She’s answered every subpoena. She showed up to every court date. She, even after settling with the city and she was under no obligation, she still showed up and she still testified as they city asked her to do, and it was never about the money. So, she’s embarrassed, she’s upset, and she also feels that she doesn’t trust the police. She acknowledges the fact that 99% of police officers are hardworking individuals and this goes to that 1%.

So, what is next for Ida Guzman then?

I mean, at this point, we have already asked the federal government, you know, formally and informally, to launch an investigation on this matter other members of the community that are supportive to Ida also done the same thing. The federal government has acknowledged the fact that they are in receipt of all our requests for an investigation. They put that in writing but they haven’t indicated whether or not they will actually pick the case up.

Do you think they will?

I mean, we are hoping so. I mean, a lot of people are in support of Ida and even today phones are ringing off the hook. I also get calls from police officers. I get calls from all walks of people who are upset, they are insulted about what happened and we can hope that the federal government will look and see that an injustice took place in this case and that it serves the community as a whole, if the federal government would get involved in this case.

Alright, Enrique Latoison, thank you so much, attorney for Ida Guzman. We will have police commissioner Charles Ramsey’s reactions. This coming up on MBC 10 news. Thank you.

Good evening, I’m Renee Chenault-Fattah. That Philadelphia police officer could be back on the force as soon as tomorrow and the woman who was hit is talking about it to NBC’s Lu Ann Cahn, who is live tonight in Chester, Lu Ann.

Not surprisingly, Ida Guzman and her attorney believe this ruling to put lieutenant Jonathon Josey back in uniform, back on the street is another injustice that flies in the face of what happened. That’s what they believe but they also admit, and so does the commissioner, it’s not a lot they can do about it.

He hit me.

But an arbitrator disagrees with Ida Guzman, her version of what happened. Today he ruled Lieutenant Jonathon Josey not only get his job back, he maintains his rank and benefits with back pay.

They’ve had people negotiate a very verbal contract with them that basically makes it impossible to fire them, even under this circumstance. Everywhere, people here, there are people just collectively just, really?

We are unable to reach Josey at his home but his attorney says he’s relieved.

Its satisfying to see two separate fact finders come to the same conclusion that Jon Josey didn’t do anything wrong other than do his job that day.

I did what I thought was in the best interests of the department and the city.

Police commissioner Ramsey fire Josey last fall after video of what happened following the Puerto Rican day parade went viral. Josey was charged with assault but cleared by a judge. The 20 year veteran and highway patrol office fought to get his job back and now.

The decision has been rendered and I’ll abide by it.

Guzman did win a $75,000 settlement from the city and her attorney is pushing for a federal investigation. Live in Chester, Lu Ann Cahn, NBC 10 news.

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